Trek Scale can build custom weighbridges to suit your needs

The site and the application are the dominant factors in selecting a weighbridge type, and TREK have the ability to suit every situation.

Pit or surface mounted, for road or rail vehicles – both – constructed of steel or concrete or a composite of these materials, and with an enormous range of capacities, TREK weighbridges can be ordered ‘off the shelf’ or can be tailor made for specific handling and location requirements.

Our Multi-deck system offers accurate axle weighing – the weighbridge consisting of 4 decks of varying length for the separate axle groups of a truck to stand on. Axle weighing can be done and total load is also available. Coupled to a Trek Scale Weigh Bridge Terminal, all the data you could need is at your fingertips.

Single deck axle weighing is also offered for fast weighing where thruput is required. With approaches that are level to the weighbridge, the accuracy of an axle weigher will suit the customer requiring easy-to-use, reliable, temporary mass indications.

Trek Scale portable installations suit the customer not requiring a permanent weighbridge installation. Available in a variety of sizes and for hire purposes. These systems can be customised to suit your needs and even used for permanent installations.

Weighbridge weighing

Trek Scale has experience in all types of commercial weighing

Pit or surface mounted weighbridges
Steel, composite steel with concrete or full concrete
Modular design
Axle weighing
Extensions for your existing weighbridge
Electronic conversions
Computerised systems

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