Combination Road Rail

  • Highly rigid deck design
  • High strength using only 300 to 350WA certified material
  • Advanced robotic welding manufacturing method
  • High anti rust with the option of special paint application
  • Low profile design
  • No bolts, full weld with only bolts for access to loadcells
  • Maintenance free design

The POWERCELL PDX loadcell technology provides the ultimate in vehicle weighing with performance that competitors cannot match. The most accurate loadcell available

  • Digital compensation for weighing variables ensures performance
  • Higher accuracy to meet legal tolerances
  • Constantly monitors 25 indicators of system health
  • Predictive diagnostics system pinpoint any inconsistencies before problems occur
  • Third generation POWERCELL digital loadcell technology with more than 20 years of successful applications
  • Eliminates troublesome junctions boxes, cell network
  • Stainless Steel laser welded, hermetically sealed enclosure
  • Protects against main causes of scale failure and down time

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