Vehicle Weighing Solutions South Africa

Automated System

Vehicle Weighing explained : Site entry is controlled by the security office, all vehicles entering the site need to be cleared by security and security loads the vehicles detail on the system.

Proximity cards, and or RFID tagging, is linked to the transaction and the vehicle enters the site, proceed to be weighed at the weighbridge station. The vehicle weighing cycle from entry to exit takes 24 seconds compared to the average of between three to five minutes.

Automated Vehicle Weighing Process

Customer can opt for a label to be printed with vehicle detail while the driver sits in the vehicle, printer used takes 300m rolls paper, 500 trucks a day for a week can be weighed before the roll needs to be replaced

When the exit weight is recorded the vehicle proceeds to security office, where the driver hands back the proximity card that he received on entry.
Security officer swipes this card to finish the transaction and the delivery invoice is printed. This card can then be re-used, the programming of the card is a closed loop.
Optional: Permanent cards can be allocated to contractors specific vehicles and therefore entering and exiting the site without any delay

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