Multideck Weighbridge

  • The Trek multideck weighbridge is designed to determine the total gross mass of the vehicle as well as the individual group axles mass.The typical multideck weighbridge has four platforms. Each platform acts as an individual weighbridge, weighing the vehicles axles (steering axle, drive axle, first trailer axle and second trailer axle.)

    The indicator sums the mass of each platform to display the gross mass.

    The main advantage of a multideck is speed of transaction. It provides all masses required for regulatory compliance and legal for trade weighing in one step.

    It is ideal for bulk loading on the weighbridge in order to not overload the axles.

    NRCS Type Approval – SA 1381

    • Each individual 40 000kg x 20kg deck has a SANS 1838 (Road Traffic Act) type approval, total of 160 000kg.
    • Combination of decks has a maximum capacity 60 000kg x 20kg type approved under SANS 1381 (Legal Metrology Act).

    Indicator & Software

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