Weighbridge Software Solutions

  • In house developed and supported packages
  • Windows based software
  • Compatible to 3rd party systems (SQL, Access, etc)

Vehicle Scale Indicator/Terminal

  • Accurate Weighbridge Software
  • Display weight value
  • Performs simple transactions with gross, tare and net weights
  • Stores tare weights to calculate net weights

Operational Features

  • Calculates simple accumulations, for example, daily tonnage per truck or commodity
  • Outputs data to a printer, remote display, or other peripheral devices
  • Stores limited data and transaction information
  • Offers self-diagnostics
  • Controls the traffic system
  • Operates multiple scales with a single unit

Basic Vehicle Scale Software

  • Interfaces with scale terminal for control of scale, traffic lights, loops and gates/barriers
  • Provides one-pass, two-pass and multi-pass weighing transactions
  • Offers a database with tables to store information about vehicles, products, accounts, etc.
  • Configures reports and tickets
  • Calculates advanced pricing
  • Speeds up transactions with presets and group information

Advanced and/or Customised Vehicle Scale Software

  • Controls Multiple Scales
  • Performs advanced transactions: credit checking, vehicle weight checking, product sampling.

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